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Table 3 Predictors of case fatality rate in subjects with sepsis related hospitalizations by variables included in the logistic model

From: Old subjects with sepsis in the emergency department: trend analysis of case fatality rate

VariablesOdds Ratio95% CIP value
ICU admission15.037.33–30.81<0.001
Cardio-vascular dysfunction13.539.94–18.43<0.001
Age ≥ 80 years2.321.79–3.10<0.001
Respiratory diseases2.171.60–2.94<0.001
Digestive diseases1.931.27–2.930.002
No. of organ dysfunction1.621.27–2.06<0.001
  1. Variables not included in the model: sex, mode of arrival in ED, the score criteria of Systemic Inflammatory Response syndrome (SIRS), infectious parasitic disease, nervous, circulatory and genitourinary diseases diagnoses, COPD, CKD, Charlson index, hematologic, neurologic, renal, respiratory and hepatic dysfunction, and ED waiting time, ED length-of-stay, as dichotomized variables. Data are reported as odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals (CI)