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Table 3 Logistic regression model of mortality and infection rates. Time period 2000–2006 and 2010–2012, ISS: Injury Severity Score (grouped ISS 9–15 and ISS ≥ 16); PT: prothrombin (grouped PT > 30% and ≤ 30%)

From: Implementation of new standard operating procedures for geriatric trauma patients with multiple injuries: a single level I trauma centre study

OutcomeParameterRegression coefficient βP-valueOdds ratio
(eβ; 95% CI)
Mortality rateTime period−1.05<.001.35 (.20–.62)
ISS group1.51<.0014.54 (2.05–10.08)
PT group−.68.15.51 (.20–1.28)
Age [years].073<.0011.08 (1.04–1.12)
Gender.442.121.56 (0.89–2.72)
Infection rateTime period0.51.131.67 (.86–3.26)
ISS group0.81.0882.24 (.89–5.68)
PT group−.77.110.46 (.18–1.17)
Age [years]−.05.030.95 (.91–.96)
Gender1.49.86.94 (.50–1.79)