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Table 5 Odds Ratios for Patient and System Factors Associated with Increased Odds of Fall-Related Injury

From: Patient and system factors associated with unassisted and injurious falls in hospitals: an observational study

Patient or System FactorCrude Odds Ratio* (95% CI)Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Age > 65 years2.20 (1.22–3.96)2.55 (1.32–4.94)
Fall in Bathroom§2.23 (1.32–3.77)2.48 (1.41–4.36)
NO Alarms in Useǁ1.58 (1.00–2.49)1.46 (0.89–2.41)
Unassisted2.28 (1.28–4.04)1.48 (0.69–3.14)
Hands on Assist WITHOUT Gait Belt4.76 (1.99–14.15)3.65 (1.34–9.97)
  1. CI, Confidence Interval.
  2. *Calculated using univariate logistic regression with all falls considered independent events
  3. Calculated using multivariate logistic regression and adjusted for the influence of other variables in the model
  4. Reference category = 19 to 64 years
  5. §Reference category = fall occurred in location other than the bathroom
  6. ǁNO Alarms in Use means the hospital did not report that either bed or chair alarms were in use as interventions to prevent a reported fall. Reference category = either bed or chair alarms were checked as interventions in use to prevent a reported fall
  7. Unassisted and Hands on Assist WITHOUT Gait Belt indicate whether or not hands on assist was provided at the time of the fall and whether or not a gait belt was used to provide that assistance. Reference category = Hands on Assist WITH Gait Belt