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Table 3 Twenty-four patients with hepatic aminotransferase elevation after statin treatment

From: A prospective study of hepatic safety of statins used in very elderly patients

No.AgeSexStatinBefore treatmentAfter treatmentElevation levelsLiver enzyme elevation timeRecovery time
180  85MSimvastatin18206939Mild2 weeks/
280  85MFluvastatin21197037Mild1 month/
380  85MSimvastatin1616165143Moderate1 month3 months
480  85FFluvastatin14184951Mild1 month/
580  85MAtorvastatin2216123121Moderate3 months1 month
680  85MFluvastatin13179883Mild2 weeks/
785  90MRosuvastatin18198740Mild2 weeks/
880  85MSimvastatin1215182244Moderate1 month1 month
9≥90MSimvastatin13183442Mild2 weeks/
1080  85MAtorvastatin27221017511Severe3 months1 month
1180  85MFluvastatin10116671Mild2 weeks/
1280  85MSimvastatin1516261301Moderate2 months2 weeks
1385  90FFluvastatin23255149Mild3 months/
1480  85FPravastatin191710748Mild2 months/
1580  85MFluvastatin2114125133Moderate2 weeks1 month
1680  85FSimvastatin3424979696Severe6 months1 month
17≥90MFluvastatin15204754Mild1 month/
1885  90MPravastatin16137043Mild1 month/
1980  85MPravastatin13145751Mild1 month/
2080  85MAtorvastatin16157548Mild2 months/
2180  85MAtorvastatin10134453Mild2 weeks/
2280  85MAtorvastatin24247680Mild1 month/
2380  85MFluvastatin2625267222Moderate1 month2 weeks
2480  85MPravastatin3123300260Moderate1 month1 month
  1. M male, F female, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase