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Table 1 Characteristics of subjects in the weighted AHEAD sample

From: Disability incidence and functional decline among older adults with major chronic diseases

Age as at baseline84.3 (3.56)
Years of education11.3 (3.48)
Marital status:
 Not married7.3%
Prevalence of ADL disabilities as at wave 2006:
 Transfer bed /chair18.3%
Prevalence of ADL disabilities as at wave 2014:
 Transferring bed /chair33.6%
Ever have a ‘big four’ chronic disease (1998–2014)76.6%
By condition:
 Cardiovascular disease (CVD)59.4%
 Chronic lung disease13.0%
 Any of these ‘big four’ conditions75.0%
  1. Notes: The weighted full sample comprises 4,587,315 subjects (unweighted: 1604). Of these, 3,514,052 subjects (unweighted: 1203) either had a major chronic disease at 1998 baseline or developed such a condition over the follow-up period. The comparison group comprises 1,073,263 subjects (unweighted: 401)