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Table 1 Caregiver sociodemographic, health and caregiving characteristics (N = 13)

From: Community resource referral needs among African American dementia caregivers in an urban community: a qualitative study

Domain and measureN (%)
Sociodemographic characteristics
Age in yearsa (median, range)58 (44–83)
 Women10 (77)
 Men3 (23)
 Private insurance6 (46)
 Private + Medicare3 (23)
 Medicare + Medicaid2 (15)
 Medicare only1 (8)
Health characteristics
Self-reported health
 Excellent, very good or good11 (85)
 Fair or poor2 (15)
Common medical conditionsc,d
 High blood pressure or hypertension6 (46)
 Osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis5 (38)
 Myocardial infarction, CHF or other heart condition5 (38)
 COPD or asthma3 (23)
Caregiving characteristics
Relation to person with dementia
 Adult child or grandchild8 (62)
 Spouse4 (31)
 Sibling1 (8)
Caregiver lives with person with dementia8 (62)
Years caring for person with dementia in community (median, range)5 (2–25)
Hours per day providing care (median, range)6.5 (1–24)
Provides care for others5 (38)
Common caregiving tasksc,e
 Meal preparation9 (75)
 Medication management/adherence7 (58)
 Accompany to doctor’s visits6 (50)
 Grocery shopping4 (33)
  1. aCaregivers’ ages are not adjusted for anonymity here but are presented in the aggregate
  2. bOne caregiver refused to answer this question
  3. cResponses are not mutually exclusive
  4. dFour caregivers reported no comorbidities
  5. eOne caregiver did not respond to this question