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Table 1 Operational definitions of sarcopenia

From: Sarcopenia prevalence and associations with mortality and hospitalisation by various sarcopenia definitions in 85–89 year old community-dwelling men: a report from the ULSAM study

Operational definition
Weakness with low muscle mass
Probable sarcopeniaSarcopenia
Muscle massALM/ht2 < 7.26 kg/m2 ALM/ht2 < 7.0kg/m2ALMBMI < 0.789
Muscle performance (strength and function)HGS < 30 kg and/or GS < 0.8 m/sHGS < 27 kg and/or CS > 15 sHGS < 27 kg and/or CS > 15 sHGS < 26 kg
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