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Table 2 Characteristics of the Medicines

From: Acceptability of oral liquid pharmaceutical products in older adults: palatability and swallowability issues

Characteristics of medicines (n = 59)n(%)
FormulationsOral solution17(29)
Powder for oral solution11(19)
Oral suspension6(10)
Powder for oral suspension4(7)
Drops for oral solution4(7)
Divisible effervescent tablet3(5)
Dispersible tablet3(5)
Other (2% < n < 5%): Syrup; Effervescent tablet.  
Other (n ≤ 2%): Powder for oral and rectal solution; Oral gel; Injection and oral solution; Prolonged release granules; Divisible tablet for oral suspension; Dispersible or chewable tablet; Dispersible coated tablet  
Flavoring agentsPresence40(70)
mda: 2  
Therapeutic subgroups
(ATCb - 2nd level)
Drugs for constipation8(14)
Mineral supplements4(7)
Antibacterials for systemic use4(7)
Other (2% < n < 5%): Drugs used in diabetes; Drugs for acid related disorders; Antithrombotic agents  
Other (n ≤ 2%): Thyroid therapy; Beta blocking agents; Anti-parkinson drugs; All other non-therapeutic products; Antimycotics for systemic use; Antimycobacterials; Antihemorrhagics; Antianemic preparations  
  1. amd missing data
  2. bATC: The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification System is a drug classification system controlled by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology (WHOCC)