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Table 3 ORs (95%CI) and AIC obtained by multiple group analyses in 70s age group (N = 539) and 80s age group (N = 519)

From: Age group differences in association between IADL decline and depressive symptoms in community-dwelling elderly

 Unconstrained modelEquality constrained modelUnconstrained modelEquality constrained model
ORs (95%CI)
 Depressive symptoms
  70s age group2.11 (1.11, 4.03)1.20 (0.79, 1.82)c2.33 (1.14, 4.77)1.27 (0.81, 2.00)c
  80s age group0.81 (0.47, 1.41)0.85 (0.47, 1.54)
Fit indices
  1. Because of missing information of possible confounders, these multiple group analyses were analyzed by using 537 participants in 70s and 518 in 80s in Model 1, and 482 in 70s and 483 in 80s in Model 2
  2. aModel1 adjusted for sex and MoCA-J score
  3. bModel2 adjusted for sex, MoCA-J score, Body Mass Index, histories of stroke and heart disease, economic condition, education, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes
  4. cEquality constrained model was constrained with equality constrained across age groups
  5. Abbreviations: OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, RMSEA Root mean square error of approximation, AIC Akaike information criterion