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Table 2 Fall injury site, fracture, and location and cause of injury

From: Fall-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations among community-dwelling older adults: examination of health problems and injury characteristics

1840 (100%)
No ED visit or hospitalization
875 (46.85%)
ED visit only
612 (33.71%)
353 (19.44%)
ED only
vs. hosp.
Injury site (%)
 Leg, knee, ankle, foot, and/or other parts of lower limb32.0640.6526.3921.18<.001.103
 Arm, elbow, hand, and/or other parts of upper limb23.1224.7623.4018.68.155.138
 Shoulder, neck, back, and/or buttocks23.9025.7721.9222.83.309.778
 Face, ear, jaw, teeth10.578.0514.0710.57.011.207
 Chest, stomach, and/or groin3.824.
Any broken bone or fracture (%)30.8718.1135.6253.37<.001<.001
Fall location (%)    <.001.005
 Home (inside)51.4846.8750.8263.76  
 Home (outside)23.7628.4721.7315.90  
 Away from home24.7624.6627.4520.34  
How the person fell (%)    .584.788
 Floor/level ground39.9538.3840.0843.54  
Cause of fall (%)    <.001<.001
 Loss of balance/dizziness24.4220.2722.5737.64