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Table 1 Schedule of events and follow-up

From: The value of nonoperative versus operative treatment of frail institutionalized elderly patients with a proximal femoral fracture in the shade of life (FRAIL-HIP); protocol for a multicenter observational cohort study

Radiographs & Event forms Screening Enrolment 7 days
(4–10 days)
14 days
(11–17 days)
30 days
(23–37 days)
3 months
(11–15 weeks)
6 months
(6–7 months)
X-ray or CT-scan X       
Screening X       
Informed Consent   X      
Shared Decision   X      
Baseline Data    X     
General Clinical FU    X X X X X
QoL (EQ-5D and QUALIDEM)    Xa X X X X
PACSLAC and Analgesic use    Xa X X X X
Complications and mortality    X X X X X
(Secondary) Interventions    X X X X X
Satisfaction of patient (or proxy)    Xb Xb Xb Xb X
QODD    Xb Xb Xb Xb Xb
Satisfaction of caregiver    Xb Xb Xb Xb X
Health Care Use    Xa X X X X
Early Withdrawal    c c c c c
  1. EQ-5D is completed by proxy and (if possible) by patients themselves
  2. aAsking for current and pre-trauma status; bOnly if patients died prior to that follow-up moment; cOnly if applicable