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Table 3 Occasions of service and duration of in-reach medical, physiotherapy and dietetics

From: People living in nursing care facilities who are ambulant and fracture their hips: description of usual care and an alternative rehabilitation pathway

Rehabilitation provided (hours) 
Mean (SD)12.99 (3.29)
Median (IQR)13 (11.6–14.8)
Geriatric review provided114
Missing data2
Received 1 medical review only110
Received more than one medical review4
Time to geriatric review (days) following discharge home
 Mean (SD)3.7 (3.9)
Family meeting provided110
Face to face in person at nursing home96
Time to family meeting (days) following discharge home
 Mean (SD)11.3 (7.6)
Family meeting not provided9
Family unable1
Deceased prior to family meeting3
Hospital admission prior to family meeting1
Missing data4
Received physiotherapy119
Number of visits
 Mean (SD)13.71 (3.29)
Time spent in therapy(hrs)
 Mean (SD)10.65 (3.16)
Number of missed sessions
 Mean (SD)1.07 (1.52)
Received initial DT review107
Face to face107
Received follow-up DT review90
Face to face3
Phone review87
Receive further follow-up review5
Face to face1
Phone review4