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Table 2 Reasons for readmission

From: Mortality and comorbidity after non-operatively managed, low-energy pelvic fracture in patients over age 70: a comparison with an age-matched femoral neck fracture cohort and general population

Per or subtrochanteric femoral fracture4
GI tract bleeding2
Cerebral infarction2
Acute kidney failure2
Lower limb ischemia1
Angina pectoris1
Angina pectoris and anemia1
Unspecific infection1
Unspecific abdominal pain1
Atrial fibrillation and suspicion of pulmonary embolism1
Pneumonia and severe hyponatremia1
Hepatic failure1
Infected decubitus ulcer1
Urinary tract infection1
Biliary colic1
Sigmoid colon perforation1
New pelvic fracture1