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Table 3 The prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescribing as defined by the STOPP/START criteria in the LiLACS NZ cohort

From: Quality of prescribing predicts hospitalisation in octogenarians: life and living in advanced age: a cohort study in New Zealand (LiLACS NZ)

DemographicsMāori (n = 267)Non-Māori (n = 404)P Value
Mean number of medicines prescribed per patient (Range; ±SD)4.63 (0–14; ±3.24)4.92 (0–15; ±3.18)0.288~
PIM STOPP n (%)65 (24.34)113 (27.97)0.171^
PPO START n (%)155 (58.1)198 (49.0)0.013^
PIM or PPO n (%)175 (65.5)251 (62.1)0.207^
  1. Key: PIM Potentially inappropriate medicine; PPO Potential prescribing omission; ~ = Mann-Whitney U; ^= Chi Square