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Table 2 Superordinate themes with sub-themes

From: ‘It’s what you do that makes a difference’ An interpretative phenomenological analysis of health care professionals and home care workers experiences of nutritional care for people living with dementia at home

Responsibility to care Practice restrained by policy In it together Improving nutritional care
• Care is a constant
• Dealing with dementia as a GP
• Monitoring and auditing
• Promoting an active role
• Responsibilities and measures
• Role of the district nurse
• The attributes you need to care for someone with dementia
• The extended role of health professionals
• The role of carers
• The role of the social worker
• Time is limited
• The value and disvalue of other support services
• Tensions and frustrations
• Resource Policy and Care Provision Models
• Power removed
• Assessments and Care Plans
• A happy social environment can’t be measured
• Family carers need as much support
• How care workers can support
• Male carers cope better than females
• Nutritional care is everyone’s responsibility
• Togetherness
• We are all in it together
• Working with family caregivers
• Worry and concerns involved with nutritional care
• Taking a problem-solving approach
• Opportunities for improvement
• Meal delivery is not enough
• Malnutrition management
• Making it better
• Generational changes in nutritional knowledge
• Awareness vs. knowledge