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Table 1 Participants Timeline

From: Effectiveness of a group-based psychosocial program to prevent depression and anxiety in older people attending primary health care centres: a randomised controlled trial

Enrolment Allocation Post-allocation
TIMEPOINT** -t1 0 t1 baseline t 2 intervention t 3 t 4
 Eligibility screen X      
 Informed consent X      
 Identification of “key-persons” in PHC and meetings together with representatives from the research group   X     
 Allocation   X     
 Psychosocial intervention     X   
 EMPAM X      
 CIDI 2.1    X    X
 MINI    X    X
 PHQ-9    X   X X
 SCL-90-R    X   X X
 MSPSS    X   X X
 AUDIT    X   X X
 PHI    X   X X
 ULS-3    X   X X
 Sociodemographic questionnaire    X   X X
  1. t 1 baseline, t 2 intervention period, t 3 18 week follow up, t 4 36 week follow up