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Table 4 Receiver operating characteristics of different CGA abnormal definitions for increased nursing per day (≥2 h)

From: Health outcome of older hospitalized patients in internal medicine environments evaluated by Identification of Seniors at Risk (ISAR) screening and geriatric assessment

  Sensitivity (true positive rate) Specificity (true negative rate) 1-Specificity (false positive rate) Youden’s J (true positive - false positive rate)
Impairment of ADL plus another domain 0.556 0.731 0.269 0.286
Alternative definition A: Impairment of ADL plus cognition impairment or signs of depression 0.741 0.798 0.202 0.539
Alternative definition B: Impairment of ADL plus mobility impairment 0.364 0.818 0.182 0.182
  1. CGA comprehensive geriatric assessment