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Table 2 Quality Assessment Tool. [27]

From: Stakeholder perspectives of care for people living with dementia moving from hospital to care facilities in the community: a systematic review

Quality assessment tool for Qualitative studies
 (1) Were the aims of the research clearly stated?
 (2) Was a clearly defined method of recruitment used and explicit inclusion/ exclusion criteria described?
 3) Was the process of data collection explained clearly? Was data collection standardised?
 4) Did the researchers attain saturation of data?
 (5) Was the process of data analysis sufficiently rigorous, i.e. ≥2 raters, some method of resolving discrepancies?
 6) Have the findings been validated by participants?
Quality assessment tool for Intervention studies
 (1) Were participants appropriately allocated to intervention and control groups? (was randomisation independent?)
 (2) Were patients and clinicians as far as possible ‘masked’ for treatment allocation?
 (3) Were all patients who entered the trial accounted for and an intention to treat analysis used?
 (4) Were all participants followed up and data collected in the same way?
 (5) Was a power calculation carried out, based on one or more outcomes of interest?