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Table 2 List of potential covariates and factors (partial list)

From: The effect of circuit resistance training, empagliflozin or “vegeterranean diet” on physical and metabolic function in older subjects with type 2 diabetes: a study protocol for a randomized control trial (CEV-65 trial)

Factor or covariate Type Defined as
Treatment Factor SGLT2 inhibitor, diet, CRT
GLP1 agonists Factor Yes, no
Baseline body weight/ BMI Covariate
HbA1c (%) Covariate
Caloric consumption (Kcal) Covariate
Resting metabolic rate (Kcal) Covariate
Body fat % Covariate
Strength (kg) Covariate
Frailty or sarcopenia status Factor Frail or sarcopenic, pre-frail or pre sarcopenic and robust
  1. Abbreviations: BMI Body Mass Index, CRT Circuit Resistance Training, GLP-1 Glucagon-Like Peptide-1, HbA1c Hemoglobin A1C