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Table 1 Flow diagram of the MEMORA-cohort

From: A multicenter cohort study to investigate the factors associated with functional autonomy change in patients with cognitive complaint or neurocognitive disorders: the MEMORA study protocol

Timepoint Study periods
Enrollment Initial assessment Follow-up
- t1 0 ti:delay to 6 months to 1 year
 Eligibility screen X   
 Information to patients/careviger X   
 Collection of non-opposition to participate X   
 Date of the visit X X X
Primary outcome:
  Functional autonomy level (IADL, DAD-6)   X X
Secondary outcomes:
  Global cognitive performance (MMSE)   X X
  Behavioral disorders (NPI)   X X
  Sociodemographic data (age, gender, educational level, socio professional categories, marital status, geographical location)   X  
  Relationship with the primary caregiver   X  
  Current lifestyle   X  
  Patient protection measure   X  
  Neuropsychological evaluation   X X
  Diagnosis and stage   X X
  Comorbidities, lifestyle habits   X  
  Pharmaceutical therapeutics   X X
  Non-pharmaceutical therapeutics   X X
  Caregiver burden (Mini-Zarit)   X X