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Table 5 Factors (depression and change in symptom burden) related to change in Health related Quality of Life over a 2 year period. Age, gender, cognition, symptom burden at baseline, activities of daily living at baseline, and change in depression were not factors related to change in HrQoL in the regression analysis

From: Factors related to health-related quality of life in older people with multimorbidity and high health care consumption over a two-year period

Variables Unstanderdized ß Standardized ß P-value VIF 95% Confidence interval R 2 F
Depression at baseline 1.38 0.29 < 0.01 1.03 0.77 2.00   
Change in symptom burden 16.22 0.40 < 0.01 1.03 10.88 21.56   
        0.28 33.07