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Table 3 Stakeholder engagement measures

From: Process outcomes of a multifaceted, interdisciplinary knowledge translation intervention in aged care: results from the vitamin D implementation (ViDAus) study

Stakeholder Group Measure Value
Key Contacts Number of sites that had a least 1 key contact change (%) 16/41 (39.0)
Number that attended education (%) 27/41 (65.9)
Number that attended QI planning meeting (%) 37/41 (90.2)
Facility Staff Members Average number of staff attending education (range by facility) 12.4 (2–29)
Average number of staff at QI planning meeting (range by facility) 2.8 (1–9)
Servicing GPs and pharmacists Average number of survey responses for baseline and 12 month surveys combined (range by facility) 2.3 (0–8)