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Fig. 4

From: Utilisation of national community-based blood pressure monitoring service among adult Chinese and its association with hypertension treatment and blood pressure control—a mediation analysis

Fig. 4

final mediation model of mediation analysis. X for predictor (community-based BP monitoring), M1 for mediator (medication treatment) and Y for outcome (hypertension control). The X (community-based BP monitoring) significantly affects the M1 (hypertension treatment) and the M1 significantly affects the Y (hypertension control). The direct effect (c’) of the X (community-based BP monitoring) to the Y (hypertension control) is insignificant when mediated by the M1 (hypertension treatment). a1 = 1.259, b1 = 5.955 for indirect effects, and a1b1 = 7.50 for the total effects. Sobel test t = 4.51, SE = 1.66, P < 0.001

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