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Table 3 Performance criteria of risk levels of the 6-item brief geriatric assessment and the PRISMA-7 for long lengths of hospital stay* (n = 166)

From: Screening for older inpatients at risk for long length of stay: which clinical tool to use?

Performance criteria 6-item brief geriatric assessment risk level Abnormal PRISMA-7 score
Moderate High
Sensitivity 0.56 0.23 1.00
Specificity 0.08 0.14 0.03
Positive predictive value 0.34 0.52 0.36
Negative predictive value 0.67 0.69 0.82
Likelihood ratio of positive test 0.60 0.27 1.03
Likelihood ratio of negative test 0.17 0.18
  1. PRISMA-7: the seven questions “Program of Research on the Integration of Services for the Maintenance of Autonomy”
  2. *Length of stay used as a discontinuous variable defined as the highest tertile of lengths of stay (i.e., > 13 days)
  3. Score ≥ 3/7