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Table 4 Adjusted hazard ratios regarding the association between structural characteristics of institution and incidence of hip fracture among beneficiaries with institutional care

From: Incidence of hip fracture among long-term care insurance beneficiaries with dementia: comparison of home care and institutional care services

Variable Hip fracture
HRa 95% CI
Number of clinic room
 Home care   1.00   
 Institutional care without clinic room 4.55 2.69 7.70
with clinic room 4.26 2.77 6.57
  1. aAdjusted for age, sex, region, income level, primary caregiver, cohabitant, having danger of fracture based on the mandatory assessment for long-term care benefit, LTCI benefit coverage level, CCI, LTCAS, ADL, cognitive function score, ambulatory status, and ownership type