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Table 2 Summary of the emerged subcategories and categories of concept of spirituality

From: Factors promoting Iranian older adults’ spirituality: a qualitative content analysis

Examples Subcategories Categories
• a sense of change in the direction of one’s needs in life towards spiritual examples, Highlighting of personal spirituality Insight in personal belief
• expansion of understanding and span of spirituality regarding God,
• like to reach spiritual heights, Attempts to reach spiritual goals
• doing spiritual activities based on religious commands and traditions,
• bring the light of faith back to the friends
• developing kindness and forgiveness, Getting socialized spirituality Spiritual socialization
• observing moral principles in interaction with others,
• keeping others’ secrets,
• spiritual behavior in the family, Fulfilling the role of a spiritual role model
• benefiting the society and having an influence,
• raise decent children who benefit the society
• forgive and respond a bad deed with a good one, Positive attitude towards life Peace of mind
• ignore other peoples’ bad deeds,
• leave those unsolved problems to “God”
• a sense of freedom from worldly desires, Guarantee of afterlife
• tolerate the mortal nature of life,
• expecting afterlife redemption and prosperity
  1. Bold entries are significant