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Table 4 Secondary outcome measures, other measures and defined measurement time points (participating caregiver, written and, if necessary, face-to-face by blinded assessors)

From: Multifactorial intervention for hip and pelvic fracture patients with mild to moderate cognitive impairment: study protocol of a dual-centre randomised controlled trial (OF-CARE)

  1. *List of specific time points in this row. Carer-QoL = Carer-related Quality of Life questionnaire; CES-D = Centre for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale; GSCL = Giessen Subjective Complaints List / Subscale Pain in Limbs; LTS = Leisure Time Satisfaction Measure; RMBPC = Revised Memory and Behaviour Problems Checklist/ subscale frequency; SCQ = Sense of Competence Questionnaire – subscale 2: Satisfaction with one’s own performance as a caregiver; SPSI-R:S = Social Problem-Solving Inventory – revised / subscale: Negative problem orientation; Time burden questionnaire = Including three dimensions of care (1. body care, nutrition, mobility 2. household help IADLs (e.g. housekeeping) 3. additional supervision