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Table 2 Summary of interventions and data collection

From: Trained volunteers to support chronically ill, multimorbid elderly between hospital and domesticity – a systematic review of one-on-one-intervention types, effects, and underlying training concepts

Study Intervention group Length of intervention period Ø Volunteer–patient contact time per month Control group Data collection
Baseline During intervention Postintervention Follow-up(3 months)
Psychosocial–coordinative support
 White et al. 2012 [111] M (P) 0.5–9 months 13–120 min Care as usual X X X  
 Philippi et al. 2015 [108, 109, 112, 130] V (H) 3 months 1161 min Care as usual X   X X
Physical–cognitive activation
 Haider et al. 2017 [113,114,115,116, 127] V (H) 3 months 516 min Social support X   X  
 Etkin et al. 2006 [117] V (H) 4 months Not reported No control group X   X  
 Stolee et al. 2012 [119] V (H) 3 months Not reported No control group X   X  
 Connelly 2008 [118] V (H) 3 months Not reported No control group X   X  
Assistance with medication intake
 Wang et al. 2013 [120] V (H + P) 2 months 218 min Care as usual X   X  
 Sales 2013 [121] M (P) 1 month 65 min Care as usual X   X  
  1. H volunteer–patient contact by home visits; M Multiprofessional intervention, volunteers and professionals have contact with patients; P volunteer–patient contact by phone calls; V Patient contact solely by volunteers, professionals in background