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Table 1 LoChro outcome measures, instruments, and times of assessment

From: Local, collaborative, stepped and personalised care management for older people with chronic diseases (LoChro): study protocol of a randomised comparative effectiveness trial

Time of assessment (months) T0 (0) CCM-session 1 T1 (12) T2 (18)
Primary outcome
 Functional health (WHODAS 2.0) X   X X
 Depression (PHQ-9) X   X X
Secondary outcomes
 Satisfaction with care (PACIC) X   X X
 Ressource utilisation (FIMA) X   X X
 STOPP/START criteria X   X X
 Health-related quality of life* X   X X
 Satisfaction with life (Kurzskala L-1) X   X X
Intervention group only
 Daily Functioning (Barthel-Index)   X   
 Daily Functioning (IADL)   X   
 Cognition (MMSE)   X   
 Mood (PHQ-9)   X   
 Alcohol Use (Audit C)   X   
 Mobility (SPPB)   X   
 Medication Management*   X   
 Individual Interview on patient’s preferences and care situation*   X   
  1. AUDIT-C: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption; Barthel-Index: daily functioning in older people; FIMA: Fragebogen zur Erhebung von Gesundheitsleistungen im Alter; IADL: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living; Kurzskala L-1: single item scale on satisfaction with life; MMSE: Mini-Mental-State-Examination; PACIC: Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care; PHQ-9: Patient Health Questionnaire; SPPB: Short Physical Performance Battery; Stopp/Start: Stopp/Start criteria for potentially inappropriate prescribing in older people; WHODAS 2.0: World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0; *: self-constructed items