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Table 2 Individual aspect of medication management practices of the participants (n = 386)

From: Factors predicting home medication management practices among chronically ill older population of selected districts of Nepal

Characteristics Categories n(%)
Have drug administration schedule Yes 378(97.9)
No 8(2.1)
Hoard/stock drug Yes 166(43.0)
No 220(57.0)
Use expired medicines Yes 2(0.5)
No 384(99.5)
Have multiple prescribers for disease condition Yes 202(52.3)
No 184(47.7)
Follow correct route/way of drug administration Yes 380(98.4)
No 6(1.6)
Have actual medication duplication Yes 13(3.4)
No 373(96.6)
Storage condition Good condition 198(51.3)
No specific location for medicines 88(22.8)
Multiple medicines storage area 27(7.0)
Medicines in wrong container 13(3.4)
Keep medicines in inappropriate location 60(15.5)