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Table 1 Structure and content of the intervention for people living with dementia

From: Implementation and evaluation of a driving cessation intervention to improve community mobility and wellbeing outcomes for people living with dementia: study protocol of the ‘CarFreeMe’ for people with dementia program

Modules Title and contact examples
Module 1 Living with dementia: focuses on the changes that may occur with dementia, and strategies to live positively.
Module 2 Balancing independence and safety: provides information about driving safety in later life and things for consideration regarding retirement from driving.
Module 3 Adjusting to losses and changes: covers changes that may occur to lifestyle and feelings of loss and grief that may result from retiring from driving. It also includes strategies to use to help with adjusting.
Module 4 Experience of retiring from driving: covers what it can be like to give up driving. Stories from other retired drivers and family members are included to highlight different ways that people have adjusted to giving up driving.
Module 5 Alternative transport: covers the range of alternatives to driving that may be useful and ideas of where to find out more.
Module 6 Lifestyle planning: covers things to consider in planning for achieving a balanced lifestyle.
Module 7 Advocacy and support: focuses on the services that are available to participants and the steps to take to improve the service/s, and to make service providers aware of these needs.