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Table 6 Older people residing in nursing homes or at home: ten drugs in particular need for critical rethinking during educational interventions or medication reviews

From: Drug use differs by care level. A cross-sectional comparison between older people living at home or in a nursing home in Oslo, Norway

Drug Nursing home Home
Antidementia drugs Severe dementia: overuse? Mild dementia: underuse?
Antipsychotic drugs BPSD1: Too much, too long?
Deprescribing should be tried
(little use)
Antidepressants Overuse: Poor effect in people with dementia, consider tapering down dosage and deprescribing Possible overuse: Consider tapering down dosage and deprescribing
Anxiolytics Hypnotics/sedatives Overuse Probable overuse
Opioids Overuse Probable overuse
Clomethiazole Overuse: should be avoided whenever possible for reasons of safety (almost no use at all)
NSAIDs (little use) Overuse – try paracetamol instead
Osteoporosis drugs Possible underuse? Possible underuse?
Statins (little use) Possible overuse (oldest age group)?
Drugs for peptic ulcer Possible overuse Possible overuse
  1. 1Behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in dementia