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Table 1 SENATOR Trial: Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The effect of SENATOR (Software ENgine for the Assessment and optimisation of drug and non-drug Therapy in Older peRsons) on incident adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in an older hospital cohort – Trial Protocol

Inclusion criteria
• ≥ 65 years
• Admitted with an acute illness under the care of a specialist other than a geriatrician OR clinical pharmacologist OR palliative care physician OR oncologist OR haematologist
• Consented into the study ≤60 h from time of arrival to the hospital
• Anticipated in hospital stay of > 48 h, in the opinion of the treating physician
• ≥ 3 active (requiring current medication) chronic medical disorders
Exclusion criteria
• Elective hospitalisation
• Patients actively participating in another clinical trial of a medicinal product
• Documented plan for consultation with Geriatric Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Palliative Medicine, Clinical Oncology or Haematology specialist services at the time of study recruitment
• Admission directly to an intensive care unit
• Primary acute psychiatric illness (excluding delirium)
• Admission with non-accidental overdose/self-harm
• Patients still under the care and responsibility of Emergency Department Physicians
• Patients considered by the attending clinician to have a life expectancy of < 3 months
• Anticipated immediate transfer to alternative non-participating clinical service/hospital
• Receiving renal dialysis
• Clinical diagnosis of acute liver failure
• Solid organ transplant recipient
• Admitted to hospital > 60 h at time of attempted randomization.