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Table 2 The innovative elements of the T&E programme

From: Effects of three home-based exercise programmes regarding falls, quality of life and exercise-adherence in older adults at risk of falling: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

The innovative elements of the T&E programme
1. Empowerment/Self-efficacy Patient express his needs and fixes his goals for his/her own exercise programme
2. Learning autonomy step-by-step Physiotherapists coach patients to learn how to manage his/her exercise programme
3. Test before Exercise The evaluation of the perceived difficult allows the construction of the exercises programme in security to be sufficiently challenging without being dangerous
4. No prescription of exercises Based on the perceived difficulty of the exercises, the patients decide which exercises they include in their own programme
5. Retest regularly the tasks The re-evaluation of the perceived difficulty allows to see the progression of the capabilities
6. Use of an Android application on digital tablet The digital tablet permit the visualization of the tasks at any moment, as Test and as Exercise
7. Fifty physical tasks llows choices and adaptation in long-term