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Table 2 Measures, data collection time points, methods and references in the AGNES intervention

From: Individualized counselling for active aging: protocol of a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial among older people (the AGNES intervention study)

Assessment / method / scale Pre- Mid- Post- References
Main outcome
 Active Aging (68 items UJACAS Scale) HI HI HI [4]
Secondary outcomes
 Psychological well-being (42-item Scale of psychological well-being) HI HI [49]
 Depressive symptoms (CES-D questionnaire; 20 items) HI HI [50]
 Quality of life (13-item OPQOL-brief questionnaire) HI HI [52]
 Personal goals (single item) PhI HI HI [62]
 Life-space mobility (15-item LSA questionnaire) HI HI [35]
 Walking difficulty HI HI [54]
 Sense of autonomy outdoor mobility (five-item subscale of IPA) HI HI [56]
 One-week physical activity surveillance (with tri-axial accelerometers) HI HI [58]
 Self-reported habitual physical activity (eight-item YAPS) HI HI [59]
Theory-based explanatory measures
 Perceived autonomy support (five items) PhI HI HI [63]
 Autonomous-controlled motivation (eight items) PhI HI HI [64]
 Attitude towards active aging (three items); Subjective norms of active aging (single item); Perceived behavioral control over active aging (single item); Intention for active aging (single item) PhI HI HI [65]
Descriptive measures
 Education (single item) & Perceived financial situation (single item) HI [66]
 Physical health HI [67]
 Lower extremity physical performance (SPPB) HI [69]
 Maximal isometric handgrip strength (hand-held dynamometer) HI [71]
 Cognitive functioning (19-item MMSE) HI [41]
 Changes in life situation (five items) PhI HI HI
 Habitation (single item) HI
 Self-rated health (single item) HI [72]
 Perceived age (single item) HI [73]
 Perceived active aging (single item) HI [4]
 Motivation for active aging (single item) HI [4]
 Feeling of loneliness (single item) PQ [74]
 Social contacts (three items) PQ [67]
 Current hobbies (single item) HI HI HI
 Assessment debriefing (one item) HI, PhI HI HI
 Intervention debriefing (one item) HI
  1. For each assessment, according to the time point (pre, mid and post), the method of data collection is indicated as Home Interview (HI), Postal Questionnaire (PQ) or Phone Interview (PhI)