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Table 1 Behavior change techniques (BCTsa) in the AGNES intervention

From: Individualized counselling for active aging: protocol of a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial among older people (the AGNES intervention study)

Group Behavior change techniques Face-to-face counselling Information booklet Phone counselling Newsletter
Goals and planning Goal setting (behavior) X X   
Problem solving X X X  
Action planning X X X  
Review behavior goals    X  
Discrepancy between current behavior and goal    X  
Feedback and monitoring Self-monitoring of behavior X X X  
Social support Social support (unspecified) X   X  
Social support (practical) X X X X
Social support (emotional) X X X  
Natural consequences Monitoring of emotional consequences X X X  
Information about health consequences   X   
Information about social and environmental consequences   X   
Information about emotional consequences   X   
Identity Incompatible beliefs X    
Valued self-identity X X   
Associations Prompts/cues   X   
Repetition and substitution Habit formation   X   
Generalization of a target behavior   X X  
Graded tasks   X   
Comparison of outcomes Credible source   X   X
Pros and cons   X   
Comparative imagining of future outcomes   X   
Reward Self-reward   X X  
Social reward    X  
Antecedents Restructuring the physical environment   X   
Restructuring the social environment   X   
Comparison of behavior Social comparison     X
  1. aBCTs Version 1