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Table 1 Intervention description

From: The impact of community-based interventions for the older population: a quasi-experimental study of a hip-fracture prevention program in Norway

  Information for older adults Information for employees Exercise Home visits Fall registration
Namsos x x x x x
Fosnes x   x x x
Overhalla x   x x x
Flatanger x     x
Namdalseid x x    x
Hamar x x x   x
Ski x x    
Årdal x   x x x
Balestrand x    x  
Höyanger x x   x*  
Förde x    x*  
Luster x   x x*  
Stryn x   x   
Gloppen x   x   
Laksevåg x   x x  
Lærdal x     
  1. Notes: * Home visits made by volunteers, not by professionals