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Table 3 The domains of interest in the EMIF-AD 90+ Study

From: Resilience to cognitive impairment in the oldest-old: design of the EMIF-AD 90+ study

Domain Parameter Procedure (measurement) Schedule Amsterdam Schedule Manchester
Cognitive reserve Level of education Interview Home Home
Cognitive activity Cognitive abilities questionnaire Home Home
Vascular comorbidity Cholesterol level, hypertension, DM, stroke, AF Blood collection Hospital WMIC
Medical history and medication use Home Home
Blood pressure Hospital CRF
Diagnostick/heart rate Home CRF
Ultrasound carotid artery Hospital CRF
Mood and sleep Depressive symptoms Geriatric Depression Scale Home Home
Sleep disorder Berlin Questionnaire and MSQ Home Home
Accelerometer (sleep quality) Home N/A
Sensory system Visual acuity ETDRS chart Hospital N/A
Retinal thickness OCT Hospital N/A
Auditory function Digits-in-noise test Home N/A
Olfactory function Sniffin sticks Hospital N/A
Physical performance and capacity Physical performance Grip strength Home CRF
Short Physical Performance Battery or 4-min walking test Hospital CRF
BIA (muscle mass) Hospital N/A
Physical activity Accelerometer Home N/A
Genetics APOEε4 and APOEε2 Blood collection Hospital WMIC
Hallmarks of ageing Level of inflammation markers Blood collection (i.a. PBMCs) Hospital WMIC
Level of senescence markers Skin biopsy (senescence markers p16, p53 and telomere associated foci) Hospital N/A
Nutritional status BIA Hospital N/A
Blood collection Hospital CRF
BMI Hospital CRF
MNA Home N/A
Markers of neurodegeneration Aβ1–42 and tau in CSF and blood CSF collection
Blood collection
Hospital N/A
Amyloid PET scan Amyloid PET scan Hospital WMIC
Brain atrophy Brain MRI scan or brain CT scan Hospital CRF
WMH Brain MRI scan or brain CT scan Hospital CRF
White matter integrity Brain MRI scan Hospital N/A
Brain connectivity Brain MRI scan Hospital CRF
MEG Hospital N/A
  1. Amyloid β, AD Alzheimer’s disease, AF atrial fibrillation, APOE Apolipoprotein E, BIA Bioelectrical impedance analysis, BMI Body Mass Index, CRF Clinical Research Facility, CT Computerized Tomography, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, DM diabetes mellitus, ETDRS Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study, MEG magnetoencephalography, MNA Mini Nutritional Assessment, MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MSQ Mayo Sleep Questionnaire, N/A not applicable, OCT Optical Coherence Tomography, PBMCs Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, PET positron emission tomography, PLAD Project of Longevity and Aging in Dujangyan, WMH white matter hyperintensities, WMIC Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre