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Table 3 Structure of the 7 intervention sessions in LiFE and gLiFE

From: Comparison of a group-delivered and individually delivered lifestyle-integrated functional exercise (LiFE) program in older persons: a randomized noninferiority trial

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Aim Introduction Determination of activities, habit formation and problem solving
Intro Familiarization Repetition of the learned exercises, most positive experiences and greatest challenge in the execution of LiFE
Main part LiFE principles Cues, prompts Upgrading Coping planning Resources for habit formation Physical activity Long-term success with LiFE
LiFE activities:
−4 activities (tandem stand, tandem walk, sit to stand, squatting)
-practice 2 of them [1 balance/1 strength]
Mediation of two new LiFE activities
-practice the activities
Repetition LiFE activities
-walking on toes
-stepping over objects
-walking on heels
-walk more
-climbing stairs
-tighten muscles
-one-leg stand
-move sideways
-sit less
Action planning/implementation intentions
End Assessments, wrap-up & “homework”