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Table 4 Barriers and Potential Solutions to Coordinating HCBS

From: Home and community-based services coordination for homebound older adults in home-based primary care

Survey Question N N%
How difficult is it to coordinate HCBS for your patients?
 Difficult/Very Difficult 56 57%
 Neutral/Easy/Very Easy 42 43%
Top barriers to coordinating HCBS for patients/caregivers (Select all that apply)
 Cost to patient 66 65%
 Eligibility requirements 64 63%
 Insurance coverage 61 60%
 Availability of local service providers 40 40%
 Time delays 40 40%
What do you think would make the coordination of HCBS easier? (Select all that apply)
 A point person in the practice to coordinate services for every patient 27 27%
 A local service that could handle everything 24 24%
 Other 16 16%
 More knowledge of local available services 13 13%
 Defined quality measures for long-term services and supports (LTSS) 12 12%
 Unknown 9 9%
Is your practice EMR interoperable with other HCBS providers or agencies?
 No 66 81%
 Yes 15 19%