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Table 1 Search terms

From: A systematic review of non-pharmacological interventions to improve nighttime sleep among residents of long-term care settings

  Field Key words
  Title (sleep$ adj2 (disrupt$ or disturb$ or impair$ or interrupt$ or depriv$ or lack or poor or problem$))
OR Title (sleep$ adj2 (quality or quantity or duration or time$ or timing or pattern$ or rhythm$ or promotion or hygiene or efficiency or cycle$ or onset or health$ or hour$ or phase$ or support or help or initiat$))
OR Title insomnia$
OR Title circadian
OR Title (sleep$ adj5 “biological clock$”)
AND All Text (hospital$ or inpatient$ or institutional$ or “intensive care” or ward$ or hospice$ or “nursing home$” or “assisted living” or palliative or “end of life” or “end-of-life” or terminal or “health facilit$” or “residential facilit$” or icu or “critical care”)