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Table 4 Cognitive participation-supporting quotes

From: Implementation of grip strength measurement in medicine for older people wards as part of routine admission assessment: identifying facilitators and barriers using a theory-led intervention

Cognitive participation Supporting quotes
Buy in All of us just received the training and our manager told us now we have to do all of it as a part of an admission. And that’s it. We just integrate it as part of admission (Nurse 6)
I think it’s not changed our day to day caseload sort or anything, because I think it was agreed that patients wouldn’t be sent to physio purely on the basis of grip strength (Therapist 1)
Champions fit and motivation I just wanted to do it for the ward, really, and make a difference. I’m not one to moan so I’ll just do, follow orders. (Nurse 4)
Motivation was getting involved in new scheme with just like, hoping it will get going and everyone would do it (Nurse 7)
Engagement strategies So sometimes ideally I fill out all the papers, and then I just say ‘here we go do the grip strengths today’ (Nurse 1)
When we have the admission, there’s one of the papers that we put straightaway in the folders. Even if they are admitted overnight we put in ready in the folders in order for the day staff will be able to complete it (Nurse 6)