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Table 3 Coherence-supporting quotes

From: Implementation of grip strength measurement in medicine for older people wards as part of routine admission assessment: identifying facilitators and barriers using a theory-led intervention

Coherence Supporting quotes
Staff awareness I think when we start, when I talk doing the grip test I used to be asked ‘what is this?’ and now I check with the Sister and she knows they need to do. It was difficult, I think because it was one more thing we need to do, Now is really easy nowadays, (Nurse 3)
Make sure that when we tested grip strength on them they got the advised plan in terms of oral nutritional supplements and to highlight patients who haven’t had their grip strength tested to the ward staff (Consultant 2)
We did talk about it a few times because we have a once a week team meeting, so went through it a couple of times in there and said ‘look if any patients’ been identified as low grip, we need to be making sure we give them an exercise programme, provided they’re appropriate’ (Therapist 4)
Staff coherence and rational I have noticed it could speed up things in doing it, because if you get an obese woman, and you think, okay she’s not going to need supplements because she’s overweight, but she’s still weak what you going to do? that’s when I see the logic, (Nurse 4)
I think, in terms of grip strength study, what it has done for, certainly us, me and my team, is make us more aware of trying to pick those people up and invest some time in it that we probably weren’t doing before (Consultant 1)
Patient’s comprehension I have only had a couple of patients that have refused, but that’s because of their dementia, not because they don’t want to do it. cos they just don’t understand or, had a stroke and can’t use their arms, that but generally most people will do it (Nurse 1)
Just had to squeeze my hand on the machine sort of testing, sort of you know muscle strength that kind of thing (Patient 5, Male, Grip strength = 18)
Test and interventions specification Yes, once we know how to do it I don’t think there, it is easy yeah. It doesn’t take long You just do it and straightaway if they are at high risk, we just document on the medical notes and put the sticker (Nurse 6)
It’s quite easy to do I would say, especially when you’ve got the sheets there already made up for you. All you need to do is prescribe how many, number wise, that you want them to do but then most of them that are cognitively fine, will do it (Therapist 2)