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Table 1 Study site characteristics

From: Community service provider perceptions of implementing older adult fall prevention in Ontario, Canada: a qualitative study

Health Unit Health Region Peer Groupa Land area (km2) Population density (persons/km2)
(Census, 2011)
age 65+ (% of total)
(Census, 2011)
Visible minorities (% of population)
(NHS, 2011)
North Bay Parry Sound District Sparsely populated urban-rural mix 16,801 7.4 19% 1.7%
Simcoe Muskoka District Moderately populated urban centres 8736 58 16% 4%
York Region Highly populated urban centres 1762 586.0 12% 43%
  1. aA peer group is comprised of health regions that are similar in prominent geographic characteristics and across 24 socio-demographic variables