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Table 3 Showing voting outcomes following round 2 survey of working group members. The % refers to the proportion of those who voted in support of each item

From: Standard set of health outcome measures for older persons

Round 2 Percent
 Functional mobility 77
 Pain 72
 Falls resulting in a fracture 77
 Confidence in ability to access information and advice when needed 50
 Confidence in ability to access appropriate healthcare 64
 Feeling safe (generally) 59
 Confidence in understanding of own health 55
 Overall survival 59
 Overall burden of all physical symptoms 59
 Continence 64
 General experience of healthcare 55
 Contact with healthcare (emergency service/doctor/nurse/outpatient clinic) 50
 Pressure ulcers 50
 Complications from treatment 59
 Adverse medication effects 55
 Falls resulting in seeking medical attention 59
 Other palliative care specific outcomes 41
 Relationships 68
 Vision 45
 Hearing 41
 Sit to stand speed 36
 Number of falls 68
 Falls resulting in an admission to hospital 68