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Table 1 Themes from the older persons and carer focus group

From: Standard set of health outcome measures for older persons

Amongst many discussed, the groups felt the following were most important: However, there were a few new topics and points to consider:
• Social and community participation
• Independence and remaining in own home
• Quality of life and wellbeing
• Avoiding inappropriate discharges and readmissions
• Isolation
• Loneliness and friendship
• Physical disabilities – hearing, vision, continence, mobility
• Hobbies and activities
• Access to 24 h healthcare and social services
• Avoiding falls
• Delaying frailty
• Care and respite for the carer
• Malnutrition, weight loss and appetite
• Physical symptom burden
• Pain
• Sleep quality
• Survival/mortality was seen as being less important than other outcomes – instead seen as inevitable and expected
• Role in society e.g. formal/informal job or volunteering
• Consistency of medical service/single coordinator of care