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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria guiding study selection

From: Key stakeholders’ experiences of respite services for people with dementia and their perspectives on respite service development: a qualitative systematic review

Inclusion criteria
 ∙ Primary qualitative studies focused on respite services as they relate to dementia.
 ∙ Mixed methods research with a distinct and clearly reported qualitative element.
 ∙ Only studies with descriptions of the i) data collection and ii) data analysis procedures will be included.
 ∙ Studies employing surveys will be included if they collect qualitative data relating to the research question and meet other inclusion criteria.
 ∙ Participants with dementia and their carers must be community-dwelling.
 ∙ Published in English in peer-reviewed journals.
Exclusion criteria
 ∙ Quantitative studies with no qualitative element.
 ∙ Qualitative studies which do not include the perspectives of key stakeholders e.g. studies employing observational techniques only.
 ∙ Studies which include or are focused on older adults generally (not just people with dementia) and/or their carers.
 ∙ Studies which are not peer-reviewed e.g. reports, theses.
 ∙ Studies not reported in English.