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Table 3 Results of the quality appraisal of the observational studies according to CASP

From: Thiazides in the management of hypertension in older adults – a systematic review

Source Focused issue Appropriate method Recruitment Selection of controls Exposure measured Outcome measured Identified confounding factors? Confounding factors in design/analysis Follow up complete Follow up long Believe results Results be applied Results fit evidence
Dhalla et al. 2013 [29] Y Y Y Y U Y Y Y Y Y Y U N
Gurwitz et al. 1997 [35] Y Y Y Y N N Y Y U Y Y N Y
LaCroix et al. 1990 [42] Y U Y Y N U Y Y U U Y U N
Weiland et al. 1997 [56] Y U Y Y U U N N Y Y U Y U
  1. Y yes, N no, U unclear, NA not applicable