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Table 7 Quality appraisal for observational studies

From: Effectiveness and safety of beta blockers in the management of hypertension in older adults: a systematic review to help reduce inappropriate prescribing

Author year 1. Focused issue 2. Appropriate method 3. Recruitment 4. Selection of controls 5. Exposure measured 6. Outcome measured 7. Identified confounding factors? 8. Confounding factors in design/analysis 9. Follow up complete 10. Follow up long 11. Believe results 12. Results be applied 13. Results fit evidence
Carlsson 2014 [43] u y y y y y u y y y y y y
Collier 2011 [44] y y y y y y u y u n n y u
Gelber 2013 [45] y n u u y y u y n y n n na
Testa 2014 [46] y y y y y y u y y y u y u
  1. y yes, n no, u unclear, na not applicable