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Table 2 Odds of nursing home utilization by SNAP participation

From: Food assistance is associated with decreased nursing home admissions for Maryland’s dually eligible older adults

Nursing Facility Utilization
  Admissionsa Expendituresb
Predictor Variables Likelihood of nursing facility use Any nursing facility use
  Odds Ratio
(95% CI)
Marginal Effect for any >$0 nursing facility cost evaluated at means
Any SNAP 0.77 (0.75, 0.78) −2.67% (−2.3%, −3.0%)
For those >$0 SNAP,cumulative monthly mean SNAP amount ($10) 0.928 (0.926, 0.931) −0.44% (−0.42%, −0.47%)
  Number of nursing facility days among those using facilities Nursing facility cost among those using facilities
  Incident Rate Ratio for SNAP Use
(95% CI)
% Change in cost for SNAP use
(95% CI)
Any SNAP 0.92 (0.89, 0.95) −12% (−8%, −15%)
  Incident Rate Ratio for $10 Change in SNAP
(95% CI)
% Change for cost for $10 change in SNAP
(95% CI)
For those >$0 SNAP, cumulative monthly mean SNAP amount ($10) 0.99 (0.98, 0.99) −4% (−3%, −6%)
  1. All models adjusted for autoregressive effects, age, sex, race/ethnicity, annual income, chronic condition count, enrollment in the Medicaid community waiver program, and Medicaid partial dual eligibility or spend-down eligibility
  2. aAssociations estimated from zero-inflated negative binomial regression estimated with robust standard errors
  3. bAssociations estimated from Heckman regression model